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Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Creators

Hi Creative People. Welcome to the vibe. This is Juan-Nean here with a little bit of creative coaching for you around how to become your most aligned-stable self.

You may be feeling like you're out of alignment in probably every area of your life because you're focusing so much on what you see other people doing instead of what's in your own circle and in your own sphere.

That is the mind state of lack, whatever, we are looking at other people and they're saying, Oh, they've got that they've got this, they're doing this, they're doing that, but I don't have that I'm not doing that... I'm not doing this.... I'm not at the level that they're at... Our focus and attention is measuring our abilities and our success with something that potentially is not the way we should be leveling up with ourselves. I'm encouraging you to focus on your own sphere.

Focus on what you are creating and stop looking outside of yourself and comparing what you're doing with everybody else. Because what that's doing is giving you a lack of confidence. And when you have a lack of confidence, then you don't trust your own intuition, on the actions that you should be taking to manifest what it is that you want to create in the world.

To become your most aligned stable self and every area of your life, I encourage you to start practicing gratitude today.

Find whatever it is that you usually see yourself comparing to someone else and see what you can be grateful for about your own life, in your own circle, with whatever it is you're creating. For example, if you're an artist, or a writer, or a musician or something else. I'm just going to use an artist as an example. And then you can switch "artists" out for whatever type of creator you are, Okay?

So you may be an artist and you're seeing other artists like performing and having gallery shows or they have products and they have all these other things that you don't have. It actually may not be for you to have the exact same things that they're having. I'm a perfect example. It's taken me a long time to realize I am not the gallery artist that I have seen around me for a lot of other artists. When I was trying to be that I wasn't being my most stable self as a creative person.

It wasn't until I decided to focus in on what it is that I'm confident in doing. And the way that I'm confident in doing it, and then becoming the very best version of myself in that. That's when things started to open up for me. And that's the same way it will open up for you.

Stop looking on the outside, go within and find where your confidence is at. Because and when you get stable in your confidence - then you will be able to trust your intuition where it's guiding you for your stability. And then it's going to help you to create and manifest so many beautiful things, including stability in your mind, body, spirit, business, family and every single area of your life.

Until next time, no matter what you do or how you do it, be authentic. Okay? No matter what you create, or how you create it. Be authentic. Peace y'all.

For more one-on-one or group coaching for your organization, book a Free 15-minute discovery session through my website:

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