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Hey creative people!

Welcome to the vibe. 

It is my intention to help ignite your creative superpowers by inspiring you with hope, stimulating belief in your own capabilities, and by empowering you to propel into action toward developing the best and most creative version of yourself. 


Scroll, click, register, shop, watch, listen, and connect with the vibe in all the ways that help you remember your purpose as a creator. Peace y'all!


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Instagram Covers - Juannean's Vibes (4).png

Juannean's Creative Life Vibes

Coaching Vibes
For self-development help

Juannean is a Denver-based certified professional life coach. With over 10 years of experience, she helps individuals, groups, and organizations develop skills, habits, and systems to become their best versions.

*(online and offline coaching options )

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Art Vibes
For energy artwork & products

Juannean is a multi-media professional artist. Her designs are constantly evolving. Enjoy her eccentric range of art that includes small framed wall art, digital art, art on clothes, and more!

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